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Passive Component Selection Resistors Power Rating Power Rating  Determination Calculator Pulsed Power Power De-rating Voltage Rating Tolerance Temperature Coefficient  (TC or TCR) Noise Stability Thermal EMF Things to Consider When Picking a Resistor 1% Standard Valued Resistors Resistor Types Wirewound Precision Wirewound Power Wirewound Wirewound Applications Film Carbon vs. Metal Film Carbon Composition Bulk-Metal (Foil) Metal Oxide Variable Zero Ω Resistors (jumpers) NTC Thermistors NTC Thermistor Applications PTC Thermistors PTC Applications Capacitors Capacitor Specifications DC Working Voltage (DCWV) Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Equivalent Series Inductance (ESL) Dielectric Absorption (DA) Insulation Resistance (IR) Things to Consider When Picking a Capacitor Standard Capacitor Values Capacitor Types Trimmer Capacitors Vacuum Aluminum Electrolytic Tantalum Electrolytic Non-Polar Electrolytic Capacitors Metal Film Ceramic Single Layer vs. Multi Layer 3 Types of Ceramics Supercapacitors BMW X3 Inductors Inductor Specifications Slide 53 Maximum DC Current (IDC) Quality Factor Magnetic Saturation Flux Density (Bsat) Inductor Types Multilayer Chip Inductor Shielded Inductors Chokes Transformers Transformer Specifications Transformer Types Power Transformers Air Core RF Transformers Pulse and Small Signal Transformers Transformer Precautions Resources Illustration Resources