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Slide 1 Topics Introduction Abstract Hardware Transceiver Implementation The platform is fairly flexible Up/Down Conversion  Some Trigonometry Quadrature Detection Trigonometry Real Down Conversion – Moving the  carrier to the IF Real Up Conversion – Moving the IF to  the Carrier frequency Bandpass Sampling FM Modulation Purpose Outline of this section Overview of FM Modulation Implementing FM Modulator in VHDL DDS Architecture Overview of DDS Architecture Overview of DDS Architecture VHDL Implementation PCM3500 FM Modulator FM Modulator Block Diagram Sine Wave Look-up Table dac5674 Block Diagram Analog Up-Converter Slide 28 Analog     Down Converter FPGA Demodulation Block Diagram Sampling Implementation Limiter Implementation Down Sample FM Demodulator Stages FM Quadrature Demodulator Slide 36 Hilbert Transform Response 2nd Order IIR Biquad used for the  Bandpass Filter Bandpass Filter Response Discrete time form of the Demodulator Lowpass Filter Response Suggested Reading Suggested Reading Continued Demonstration System Demonstration System Slide 46 FM Modulation – Pre-emphasis FM Modulation and Radio Data  Systems (RDS) FM Modulation and Hybrid Digital  Radio (HD) Overview of DDS Architecture Performance of FM Modulator What is meant by “portable VHDL” Digital Radio Sensitivity Fixed-point Representation FPGA Implementation of the Demodulator