CEPD's Favorite Links            

There is a wealth of free engineering information and there are many free design tools available on the internet.
Some of our favorite links are provided below:

C,C++ Reference
eBook: The Scientist & Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing - Steven Smith
EDN's Annual Microprocessor Directory
EDN's Annual DSP Directory
Free Filter Design Software
GPG (OpenPGP Email Security)
Flash Drive Encryption
Front Panel Designer
Op Amps, Spice Circuit Models, Free Spice SW Links
Free technical e-books, text books
Cornell University archive of papers
Virtual Network Computing
FPGA cores
Identify tasks running in Windows task manager
Surface Mount Component Markings
Battery Information
Fax using your phone
Verilog delay modeling paper
QBasic is back, its free,compatible, 64 bit fast