Greetings from CEPD:

CEPD offers a wide range of consulting services targeted at providing cost effective design options for our clients.  This year we have been very active in the world of data acquisition, reliability analysis, fluid measurement, automated battery control and much more.

From system concept through design implementation, including hardware, mechanical and software design, PCB layout, assembly and turn-key production, our staff draws on years of diverse product experience to provide creative, and timely solutions for your product needs.

This newsletter is your source of news about the products and services we provide.

New Products:

Our new FPGA based Digital Radio Kit printed circuit boards have been fabricated and assembled. They are now being debugged. The kit consists of a PCI board, an FPGA board and a high speed analog board bundled together. Give us a call for further information regarding purchasing a kit!!

Refer to for a comprehensive list of all the products we offer.


This year, our company has been very active in several engineering fields:

·         Wireless Data Acquisition

·         Wireless Networking

·         Battery Charging for Various Chemistries

·         Stress Analysis and Simulation

·         Digital Radio

·         Digital TV Set Top Box

·         Flow Meter

·         Portable Voice Transceiver

Awards and Certificates:

·         One engineer received Senior Member status in the IEEE

·         Several of our engineers received the Altera Worldwide Certification

·         Our intern Kirill Belyayev received his B.S in ECE from CU this past May

Contributions to our community:

Our staff has a wide variety of activities and interests they pursue after work. The following are just a few examples of how they have helped our community in the past:

·         Aram Budak ECE Fellowship Contributions

CEPD contributed to the Aram Budak ECE Fellowship, which helps the ECE Department at CSU recruit, retain, and honor the brightest students by recognizing and rewarding their hard work, accomplishments, and potential.

·         Leroy Drive Elementary School Mesa Program

CEPD contributed time and helped fund the MESA program, which is designed to provide ethnic minority and economically disadvantaged students the necessary skills in math and science to ensure successful participation and graduation from a College/University.

·         Twin Peaks Charter Academy

CEPD helped judge participants at the TPCA science fair. TPCA is a K-8 Core Knowledge public school of choice located in Longmont.


Our staff has experience in a diverse set of industries and has the design skills and tools to address most any electronics design challenge. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you on your next project.


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